Who We Are

AGEX is a unique team of ranchers and technologists committed to creating value for the ranching community though great technology. We offer multiple products that are designed to make a ranchers life easier from the first time they use it.

AGEX Herd, our free management app works seamlessly with AGEX Tags, to help you keep track of your animals. Herd gives producers unlimited potential for recording herd information, and keeping track of it!  Record information once and it is always available where and when you need it.

AGEX Marketplace is a community driven online sales platform that is convenient and secure. The Marketplace offer unprecedented payment efficiency and security to all parties.


Our core values represent who we are as a company.

It drives how we interact with our industry and the people that make it work.



We enable and strengthen communities; we don't change the people part of the cattle business.


We design products to accommodate our users' unique needs and operations.


We respect and understand our users; their needs are central to all that we do.



We believe in being nice to everybody all the time.


We seek a fair solution. Every time.