The Affiliate App

The Affiliate App was designed to quickly collect data and post cattle for sale right from the field. When combined with an AGEX Enabled Chute, an Affiliate can gather weights, tag info, photos, and other data quickly and easily.

The App is currently only available to an Affiliate via an AGEX issued smart phone. Stay in touch with us for further product updates and developments!

How It Works


Start Job

The Affiliate selects defaults within the App and takes pictures and selects weighing conditions. Defaults can be changed and utilized as needed to keep things running smoothly.

Adding Animals

All animals sold on the AGEX marketplace carry a UHF ear tag. This ear tag can be scanned in via QR right from the app, or read via an RFID scanner which is then sent via Bluetooth directly to the app.

Weights can be added manually (such as for mass weighing situations) or via Bluetooth directly to the app. Pictures of animals are added, but can be made optional for larger lots.


Create Lots

Affiliates can lot animals based on key metrics to get the best value for you, the producer. Affiliates can also add key value adding data such as vac-records and backgrounding info. The Affiliate App offers to hauling options, making them instantly attractive to buyers.

Post Auction

Affiliates can add valuable data such as backgrounding or vac history, and work with Producers to set reserve pricing, time of auction close, logistics, and even future contract scenarios. Posted auctions are instantly viewable by all buyers on the AGEX marketplace. AGEX transfers cattle data to the new owner once the sale is complete.