Affiliate Job Description

AGEX’s Marketplace is a transparent, convenient and honest tool for safe, community based cattle buying and selling. The Cattle Trading Platform enables Affiliates to partner with cattle producers to sell cattle straight from their farm or ranch. The Cattle Trading Platform enables Buyers to see cattle twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  It also enables Buyers to view cattle by lot size, logistical option and type.

Note: This is simply a platform for Cattle people to be empowered by expanding YOUR network and YOUR exposure as a cattle marketer.

Relationship with AGEX & Clients

  • User of AGEX Services- not an AGEX employee
  • Registered users are your clients
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Support from AGEX
  • Marketing your brand
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Advertising sales (we will publish on our facebook and call buyers we know that may be interested within range of the sale).



  • Market yourself (Cattle experience strongly suggested)
  • Market cattle (social media, cattle posting websites, agriculture websites, etc…)
  • Represent cattle
  • Assure data is thoroughly collected
  • Assure cattle are listed properly (pictures, videos, pricing, description)
  • Connecting with buyers and sellers (ie. signing up new users, building a rapport, and informing both parties of current auction)
  • Be present on the delivery date
  • Market the sale
  • Close the sale
  • If auctions do not meet the reserve but seller takes the highest bid (second chance bid or not) you will need to inform AGEX that sale has sold so we can process the paperwork.
  • Contact buyers about auctions
  • Inform AGEX if you are using Guaranteed Payment and Data Transfer
  • When it pertains to marketing cattle, it is the affiliates duty to handle everything from beginning to end. You process the cattle, you create the auction, you post the auction, you sell them, you contact buyers about sale.



  • Geographic: none
  • AGEX Herd users in your area

* You will be the only affiliate in your area (based on performance)


  • Only phone and ear tag are required, other hardware is as needed
  • Ear Tags: $1.50 per tag 
  • AGEX equipped squeeze chute may be purchased



* Remember The Affiliate role is purely commission based

Your commission from each sale, and any additional fees you may charge. You may set your own commission but depending on what options you give the seller (Guaranteed Payment, Data Transfer) AGEX will take a percentage (.5 to 1.5%).



  • Keep up with the market (local market cards, state, and CME)
  • Market the cattle: using AGEX App and Marketplace
  • Tried and true best practices
  • Push the marketed cattle to your Buyer network.
  • Schedule cattle marketing jobs
  • Recruit buyers
  • Identifying, recruiting and developing your own Buyer network.
  • Recruit sellers
  • Identifying, recruiting and developing your own, Owner (Seller) network.
  • Chute maintenance (If applicable)
  • List cattle with high quality, accurate data, pictures, videos and competitive pricing.
  • Establish price range/starting bid, reserve price with sellers prior to the run.
  • Field all Owner and Buyer inquiries (phone, in person and online) from listing cattle, to closing of the auction and delivery.

* It is vital to be available with internet access on closing day.

  • Be available to take calls during and at the closing of sales.
  • Be available to negotiate and coordinate closing of sales.
  • Be on hand for all phone calls, answer all buyer questions, coordinate between buyer, seller, and know all details about each run and AGEX so that you’ll be prepared for questions from callers.
  • Be knowledgeable of futures contracts and when to market cattle as such.
  • Educate Seller on “second chance bid” process, how it works, and when to expect to see emails.
  • Collaborate with AGEX to develop a business plan and metrics around cattle sold, owners and buyers in your network. Also develop a plan for brand building events: sale barn attendance, organization meetings, industry trade shows, industry courses or field days.


  • As an Affiliate you are a vital partner in our journey to improve the cattle trade. For your investment you will receive:
  • List cattle with high quality, accurate data, pictures, videos and competitive pricing
  • Access to the AGEX Cattle Trading Platform
  • Ear Tags
  • Guaranteed Payment (customer option 1.0%)
  • Data Transfer (customer option .5%)
  • Access to buyers
  • County Mailer (optional)
  • Facebook Promotional ads (optional)
  • Personal training (optional)
  • Access to the Affiliate Portal (exists today in the app, but may move to a web app in the future)
  • The AGEX Cattle Trading Platform will allow you to:
    • Guarantee payment
    • See more buyers
    • See more owners
    • Better service current owners
    • Represent more cattle
    • Better utilize facilities, if you are an enterprise
    • More efficiently manage your time
    • Resources and tips for success on how to better market yourself, owners and scheduling, the cattle market, industry organizations and events, and further education

Affiliate FAQ

  • What do I get for my Buy-In?
    • Application access, user ID, new Affiliate training, continuing education, guaranteed payment option, AGEX advertising, a large pool of buyers, and the rights to market users of AGEX Herd in your geographic region.
  • How many Owners will AGEX bring me?
    • We will send you any customers that call in and are within your geographic area. If you choose level 2 or 3, your reach will be larger with AGEX advertising.
  • How many Buyers will AGEX bring me?
    • By having access to the Marketplace, you have access to an unlimited amount of buyers. Our auctions are public so anyone can see them. We have over 100 registered buyers on our Marketplace and that number is continuously growing
  • When and how do I get my commission?
    • Direct Deposit transmitted on the Seller settlement date
  • When and how do sellers get paid?
    • Through Direct Deposit and transmitted on the Seller settlement date
  • May I have some level of exclusivity?
    • Yes. We will not place any Affiliates in your area as long as you are performing. If you go two months without posting auctions, or not fielding producers calls, we will open your area to any other applicants
  • How many cattle do I need to sell per quarter?
    • There are no limitations set, but remember that this program is what you make it. The more effort the more you will get paid.
  • How many owner and buyers should I sign per year?
    • There are no limitations set. We will have a rewards program for Affiliates. You will get points and merchandise based on statistics.
  • Whose job is it to sell the cattle?
    • The Affiliate is responsible for posting the cattle, sharing the auction to facebook, cattle sale sites, and buyers. You should also contact buyers about sales.
  • Who is responsible if an animal gets hurt/killed?
    • Unfortunately, an Affiliate may be responsible if an animal gets hurt. However, most producers understand that accidents happen; it may all depend on who you’re dealing with and what their experiences have been.
  • What happens if an auction doesn’t sell?
    • Unfortunately, if a lot does not sell, then an Affiliate does not receive any commission. Lots may not sell for a number of reasons, mainly an unrealistic price or issues with logistics. However, while AGEX itself does not collect a PO fee from sellers, an Affiliate is free to charge sellers a day rate or PO fee to sellers for collecting info on a producers cattle.
  • Who is responsible for transportation?
    • There are multiple options for transporting the cattle. You can haul the animals yourself, the producer and haul animals up to a certain amount of miles. The buyer can pick them up, or you can arrange a third party to haul.

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