Make a local impact.

All auctions on the AGEX Marketplace are represented by an Affiliate. Affiliates are what the ranching industry is all about: people. AGEX enables cattle marketers and other industry professionals to build solid value for producers by representing and connecting their cattle to the buyers that need them the most.


Leverage Your Network

with AGEX Technology

AGEX Scanning

AGEX has multiple options when it comes to adding cattle to an auction. We have enabled our apps with bluetooth to allow easy and seamless information transfer to provide metric tracking on a per animal basis.

  • AGEX chute with Digital Load Cells for Accurate Weights

  • UHF Reader automatically pairs Animal ID with AGEX ear tags

  • Scan Gun allows multiple animals to be added or inventoried at once

AGEX Buyer Network

The AGEX Marketplace automatically reaches Buyers with your animal market info.

  • Easy and immediate auctions - list right from the pasture.

  • Flexible Logistics allows you to work with your sellers to get top dollar

  • Cattle are listed by Cash, Contract, or Private Sale

  • Transparent reserve pricing

  • Animal Data visualizations and detailed weighing conditions

Affiliate App

The Affiliate App enables Affiliates to efficiently gather animal data to market cattle effectively.

  • Connects via BlueTooth to an AGEX enabled Chute or Scan Gun

  • Enables multiple pictures and video

  • Custom Lotting allows for versatile conditions

  • No internet or cell service needed!


How It Works

Combining AGEX tech with tried and true methods to maximize value.

AGEX Tools

Cattle sold on the AGEX Marketplace carry a UHF ear tag. Affiliates use a SmartPhone with the Affiliate App to gather all data necessary for marketing. Affiliates can use an AGEX enabled Chute, Scan Gun, QR reader, or other methods to apply or scan ear tags and obtain weights on cattle.

Working with Producers

Affiliates work with producers to know the pen setup, expected price and logistics, auction style (i.e cash vs. future contact, or private sale), get good photos/video, and plan accordingly to find a good time to collect information on the animals to be marketed.

The Setup

Depending on the amount of cattle, an Affiliate can setup an AGEX enabled chute on site and load the cattle into a trailer to be mass weighed. Other acceptable methods may be used to tag, weigh, and add other necessary information for the cattle.


Add Animals

Affiliates scan AGEX Tags, lock in weights, add photos, events, and other key animal attributes all using the Affiliate App.

Post Auction

Affiliates can add valuable data such as backgrounding or vac history, and work with Producers to set reserve pricing, time of auction close, logistics, and even future contract scenarios. Posted auctions are instantly viewable by all buyers on the AGEX marketplace. AGEX transfers cattle data to the new owner once the sale is complete. 

Get Paid

Affiliates set their own commission and fees. If a producer chooses to use AGEX Guaranteed Payment, a 1.5% commission will taken from a successfully sold auction.