The AGEX Enabled Chute

The AGEX Enabled Chute was designed to deliver the AGEX Marketplace experience direct to the farm or ranch. Affiliates can use an AGEX Enabled Chute to quickly weigh, tag, photograph, and catalogue cattle for posting on the AGEX Marketplace.

An AGEX Enabled chute is mobile livestock squeeze chute with a few added features. The chute shown is manufactured by Pearson Livestock Equipment. (


[1] RFID Antenna

The Antenna reads each tag as it is applied or as a tagged animal passes through the chute.

[2] Load Cells and Wheel Kit

AGEX Enabled Chutes come with load cells built right onto the chute. Also comes with a wheel kit to take it where the cattle are.

[3] Bluetooth Module

The Data Collection Module, or "Green Box" collects and transmits weight and tag info, via Bluetooth directly to the Affiliate app.


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