More Info, More Convenience, Simple Bidding

Buy cattle of all classes, with more information and transparency, straight from your computer or SmartPhone. AGEX allows you to quickly view and bid on more cattle faster than ever before, with many producers willing to haul directly to your chosen location. 

Bid With Confidence

Get immediate feedback on your bids.

Your time is valuable; let AGEX help you make the most of it. AGEX uses a 'Max Bid' functionality to allow instant proxy bidding; just set your max price and let AGEX do the bidding for you. All auctions on AGEX are marked with or without a reserve to let you know precisely what it takes to get cattle bought - no PO’s or haggling with sellers.

Flexible Logistics

AGEX offers auctions of all sizes, from lot loads far away to smaller bunches close to home. AGEX allows producers to offer hauling cattle direct to your specified location, saving you time and money in putting together loads, or moving loads outright.


The Cattle industry is a people industry. Period. All AGEX auctions are represented by an independent Affiliate who are responsible for representing producers cattle. Contact an Affiliate regarding an auction for more information or clarification. Got a specific request? Contact an Affiliate to see if they can help you meet your needs.

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