AGEX Finance

AGEX Finance was specifically designed to lower the cost and exposure of both financial institutions and cattle producers in acquiring and utilizing the capital needed in modern day commercial cattle operations. By creating a cost-efficient, individual AGEX data profile, AGEX Finance enables producers to be in the driver’s seat of a competitive environment with complete transparency for lenders to locate and provide the best possible financing solution for individualized cattle sets without any added cost.

For Borrowers

Whether you are looking to develop new production operations, are looking for supplemental financing to add to your current credit strategy, or are looking for ways to maximize your current production, the AGEX Finance Marketplace is here to help you meet your goals.

The AGEX Finance Marketplace is ideal for a variety of production and credit situations such as:

  • Cow Calf Producers looking to cash out of their equity and custom feed their calf crop
  • Custom feedlots looking to offer financing to stricter credit profiles
  • Established starter yards looking for a traditional credit relationship
  • Feeders looking for supplemental or off-balance sheet credit options
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For Lenders

With its secure transaction and management platform, AGEX Finance offers lenders unparalleled asset visibility and security. Whether maintaining your relationships with your longstanding clients, quickening your funding process, or growing your client base, AGEX Finance has something to offer lenders at all levels.
How it works ›

Inform your relationships

With its data driven approach to collateralization, AGEX Finance gives you maximum visibility into your producer’s operation, while allowing your customers to stay focused on their business.

Know your position

With AGEX Finance, lenders gain unparalleled transaction and collateral security.

  • AGEX RFID eartags physically and digitally identify each and every animal
  • Collateral purchases occur via the AGEX platform
  • Outbound sales are monitored on the AGEX plaform, ensuring secure cash management and proper allocation of sales proceeds

Grow your business

With AGEX Finance, easily gain access to new finance customers, no matter your organization.
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Get more information by contacting AGEX and see how we can help you attract the best financing for your operation, or to expand the financing capabilities of your financial institution.

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