Lender Application

AGEX is a US based livestock trade and credit origination and management platform that uses proprietary technology to enable trades, financing, and settlement of live cattle transactions between a growing and diverse user base of counterparties, including feedlot operators, starter/stocker operators, packers, and others within the live cattle supply chain.

AGEX’s data-driven approach gives cattle lenders unparalleled asset visibility and security

  •   AGEX RFID ear tags physically identify every animal.
  •   Animal records are stored in a proprietary, cloud-based back end.
  •   Collateral purchases occur on the AGEX platform. Loan documentation is generated seamlessly.
  •   Collateral is physically verified via AGEX RFID ear tags. Borrowing base reports are generated from this verified inventory.
  •  Outbound sales occur on the AGEX platform, ensuring secure cash management and proper allocation of sales proceeds.
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