Get Borrower Leads

First and foremost, you’ll receive access to all borrower applications submitted on AGEX.

As you receive leads, we’ll work with you to understand your preferences, so you will be presented with applications that best fit your preferred loan and borrower profile.

Cash Control and Collateral Security

Collateral cattle are purchased and sold across the AGEX platform, creating a verifiable payment record and cash control at both loan disbursement and collateral liquidation.

Receive automatic, real time updates with detailed transaction information including pricing, headcount, weights, and AGEX identification numbers for each and every animal purchased. This same information becomes the basis of the loan documentation.

Automated Inventory and Borrowing Base Reporting

With AGEX Finance, rest assured that your collateral is locatable, verifiable, AND accounted for, all without the need for site visits. AGEX keeps track of the location, status, and value of your collateral on an automated basis. You’ll receive periodic inventory and borrowing base reports as often as you need.

See why more and more cattle finance professionals are making AGEX Finance their tool of choice for cattle lending.

Become and AGEX Finance Provider and start receiving applications today.

AGEX is a US-based livestock trade and credit originization and management platform that uses proprietary technology to enable trades, financing,and settlement of live cattle transactions among a growing and diverse user base within the live cattle supply chain.

AGEX is a licensed and bonded USDA livestock Market Agency

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