Congratulations on becoming a new AGEX Stockyard Operator!

If you selected that you would like to do back-to-back trades via AGEX Stockyard, you MUST complete a Buyer Registration Form prior to making purchases over the platform.

To become a successful Stockyard Operator, please consult the AGEX Stockyard Handbook. This will provide you with an in-depth look at processes to be followed and a step-by-step instructional handbook for reference. Access the Handbook here.

Please note that tags are very important to how AGEX Stockyard works. You’ll be sent 150 tags FREE as a part of your subscription. In addition to your 150 free tags, you’ll have a promo code sent to you that will allow you to purchase tags at a significant discount. You are eligible to receive periodic rebates for these tags as well. You can purchase tags in 100 ct. or 500 ct. increments at the AGEX Shop

Questions? Feel free to Contact Us!

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