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From the family ranch to large scale enterprise operations, AGEX gives you the tools you need to get the most money out of your herd.

HERD Mobile App

With the power of AGEX Tags and our FREE cattle management app, you can easily track and manage your cattle inventory in real time. Access and update your herd details from the field or anywhere with easier planning, feeding, and increased efficiency.

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Valuable herd data begins with reliable identification. AGEX Tags take the guesswork out of figuring out which animals are which, even if they are sold to another producer. By assigning a unique ID to each animal, AGEX allows all of the animal’s history and records to be tracked with each update, including birthing dates, vaccinations, weaning, locations, pictures, and more, helping you reduce costs and maximize profits.

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AGEX Enterprise

All of the power of AGEX Herd designed for easy data collection in the field, combined with instant market access.

*Enterprise is for Affiliates only. Save time and money by marketing your cattle directly from the ranch. Online auctions.

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