HERD Mobile App

AGEX Herd makes it easy to track and manage your cattle operation – for FREE. Simply scan an AGEX Tag or add your own personal tag or label, and begin adding your animal data.

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Know where you stand as a producer.

  • Inventory Tracking
    Real-time information on your herd and each animal available at your fingertips.
  • Input Planning
    Easier planning, feeding, and record updates give you more time for other work (or play).
  • Increase Profits
    Reduce costs by increasing your operations efficiency for day-to-day management.
  • Transfer Records
    Save time and money by transferring your valuable records to buyers and producers that want it!
Save all your animal data in one easily accessible location
Place animals in Groups for sorting
Multiple Pens or Ranches? Assign locations
Keep detailed records like vaccinations and weaning dates to add value to your animals

Herd Features

Group and Location Sorting

Keep track of inventory and organize your cattle into groups in a way that works for you and your operation. Add locations to keep track of where your cattle are.

Easy ID with the AGEX Tag

Developed specifically for AGEX Herd, AGEX Tags make identifying animals, both visually and via the app, quick and easy. A long form, unique ID number, carried both on a QR code and a UHF chip, make each tag uniquely identifiable. From the Animal page, see all of your AGEX and personal tags.

No Cell Service Required

Access and update your inventory anytime, anywhere. Periodic data syncing means AGEX Herd works where you work.

AGEX Record Transfers

Trade your animals and their valuable records when and where you want! Learn More

Online Web Portal

Manage your inventory on your computer with all the same features as the mobile app.

100% Free

AGEX Herd is free to download and free to use.
There's no catch.
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