When combined with AGEX Herd AGEX Tags are a powerful tool to maximize cattle inventory tracking and management. Simply scan and apply the tag to your animal’s ear, then begin collecting and tracking records.

Why use AGEX Tags?

At AGEX, we give every rancher the ability to use the latest tech tools, including animal data, to increase efficiency and maximize profits.

We also know that your ranch and herd are unique, not necessarily standard or uniform. AGEX Tags allow you to accurately attribute data to individual animals and track your growth with detailed reporting in a way that works best for you.

With multiple ways of identifying and animal (RFID, QR scan, visual ID), AGEX Tags take the guesswork out of figuring out which animals are which, even if those animals are sold to another producer. When you sell your cattle with AGEX, all data collected will transfer to the next owner, which allows for better cattle records and traceability.

How It Works

Think about an AGEX Tag like a vin number on a truck. Each single-use tag has a unique, non-repeatable 15 digit serial number printed on the tag that is also accessible through either the QR code printed on the tag, or RFID chip sealed inside the tag. The last four digits of the serial number are printed on the tag for easy visual identification and to search for animals in AGEX Herd.

AGEX Tag Benefits


AGEX Tags were designed to be easily applied with any standard two-piece ear tagger. Once tagged, you can immediately start adding data in AGEX Herd with no additional hardware. AGEX Tags also give producers the ability to leverage their inputs via the AGEX marketplace.

Record Updates and Tracking

As long as the animal is alive, the AGEX Tag and number will forever be associated with that animal, enabling better cattle data collection and traceability.

Record Transfers

When you sell an animal with an AGEX Tag, the tag and all the records you collected transfers to the next owner along with the animal.

Detailed Reporting*

Once the animal arrives at the packer, we are able to receive yielding and grading reports, which are passed along to you. These reports can help you maximize profits and reduce cost of operation, including feeding cost and calving performance.

*This feature is not available currently, but coming soon.


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