Work With a Local Affiliate

to get the most for your cattle.

The AGEX platform is a cost efficient way to market cattle in the most natural way possible, as country cattle. With AGEX, you can work with an independent Affiliate to collect weights, snap pictures and video, and digitally measure key animal metrics to help get your cattle sold. AGEX is versatile enough to hae producers of all sizes and types, with varying degrees of animal data to best suit you and your operation. Your cattle will be handled less, will avoid touching other cattle, and you the producer will know metrics and pricing before they even leave the pasture.



AGEX Buyer Network

The AGEX Marketplace automatically reaches Buyers right on their phone or mobile device with your animal market info with more metrics and visibility than traditional marketing methods


AGEX recognizes and celebrates the value of COMMUNITY in the ranching industry. Work with an independent LOCAL Affiliate to market the most valuable traits of your cattle. Including vac records, backgrounding, etc.

Transparent Fees

AGEX charges a flat 1.5% fee for Guaranteed Payment option. AGEX itself does not charge additional fees. Independent Affiliates set their own commission and fees.


How It Works

Contact AGEX or an Affiliate

All cattle sold on the AGEX Marketplace are represented by an Affiliate. Contact AGEX directly or an independent Affiliate to schedule a time to gather info on your cattle. AGEX recommends allowing at least 24 hours to schedule an Affiliate to gather info on your cattle. You will have the opportunity to visit with your affiliate about logistics options, your pen setup for gathering animal info, etc.

Gather Animal Info

All cattle sold on the AGEX Marketplace carry a UHF eartag to help ensure transparency and data integrity to all parties. Eartags can be applied by a producer to be scanned in at a future marketing date, or applied by the Affiliate at a specified date. Weights are taken and verified by an Affiliate using traditional methods or by using an AGEX enabled chute.


Create Lots

Affiliates can lot animals based on key metrics to get the best value for you, the producer. Affiliates can also add key value adding data such as vac-records and backgrounding info. Producers can also offer to haul animals a certain distance, making them instantly attractive to buyers.

Post Auction

Affiliates work with Producers to set reserve pricing, time of auction close, logistics, and other important information. Posted auctions are instantly viewable by all Buyers on the AGEX marketplace.


Upcoming Products

AGEX Herd is here. Manage your cattle from your smartphone.

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