AGEX Stockyard Subscription

$29.00 / month

You MUST complete a New Operator Application before you’ll receive your tags and can begin working.

An AGEX Stockyard subscription gives you the latest tools in livestock marketing and distribution! Stockyard can operate as a purchase and sales platform or a consignment/commission-based platform. Your subscription will automatically renew each month unless you transact more than 150 animals in the previous calendar month.

Additional tags can be purchased elsewhere on the site. As an AGEX Stockyard Operator, you’ll receive an automatic 100% rebate for each tag transacted via AGEX Stockyard.

Your purchase gets you:
-200 AGEX tags to get started working
-Access to the AGEX Stockyard service platform
-Automated payment and invoicing for your Stockyard producers

Cancel anytime. Just pay for remaining tags or shipping and handling to return unused tags.


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