Why should I use AGEX ‘For Sale By Owner’ instead of listing on other Social Media platforms or Websites?

Currently, cattle sellers can use social media, other websites, or other means to “market” cattle, however, it is strongly discouraged on most of these avenues for sales, if not all social media websites. For instance, if the price is mentioned in any way within a Facebook post in conjunction with (an) animal(s), it is immediately flagged as being against Facebook’s Terms and Services. In response to this, the seller must message each individual inquiry on price and terms. This can be a large undertaking and if nothing else an inconvenience.

That’s why we are now enabling AGEX Users to post a sale and/or browse sales straight from their own devices. This allows sellers to immediately make a post of their animals, whether they exist on their AGEX Herd or not, along with listing location information and price. This ‘For Sale by Owner’ program will give an opportunity, previously not offered, to communicate with the market quickly.

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