AGEX Tag Benefits

AGEX Tag Benefits


AGEX Tags were designed to be easily applied with any standard two-piece ear tagger. Once tagged, you can immediately start adding data in AGEX Herd with no additional hardware. AGEX Tags also give producers the ability to leverage their inputs via the AGEX marketplace.

Record Updates and Tracking

As long as the animal is alive, the AGEX Tag and number will forever be associated with that animal, enabling better cattle data collection and traceability.

Record Transfers

When you sell an animal with an AGEX Tag, the tag and all the records you collected transfers to the next owner along with the animal.

Detailed Reporting*

Once the animal arrives at the packer, we are able to receive yielding and grading reports, which are passed along to you. These reports can help you maximize profits and reduce cost of operation, including feeding cost and calving performance.

*This feature is not available currently, but coming soon.

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