How It Works

How It Works

Adding Animals

All animals sold on the AGEX Marketplace carry either an AGEX Tag or Alternate Tag. AGEX tags are scanned in via QR code right from the app or read via RFID scanner which is then sent via Bluetooth directly to the app or you can enter your own visual ID into the Alternate Tag field.

Weights are added manually for individual animals, or as a group average for when there are mass weighing situations. Pictures of animals are added but can be made optional for larger lots.

Tracking Animals

You can search your animals easily by their visual tag number. This allows for quick editing of the animal’s data. Verify an owner’s inventory by scanning the AGEX tags with a supported RFID reader.

Sort Animals

Combine your AGEX animals into groups, lists, and locations for high-level overviews of your operation from multiple angles.

Post Auction

Affiliates add valuable data such as backgrounding or vaccination history and work with producers to set reserve pricing, auction closing time, delivery date, and cattle cwt weight. Producers are given the ability to choose from cash, private or future contract auctions.

Posted auctions are instantly viewable by all buyers on the AGEX marketplace. AGEX transfers cattle data to the new owner once the sale is complete.

Fulfilling a Sale

When an auction is closed, animals will be fulfilled by an affiliate and accurately accounted for at delivery. Once fulfillment is complete, all animal data will be transferred to the new owner.

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