AGEX Stockyard™

AGEX Stockyard is the latest in livestock marketing and distribution. Stockyard can operate as a purchase and sales platform or a consignment/commission-based platform.

Easy, Simple Identification

Instantly know where each animal came from, right from the app.

Unmatched Digital Sorting

Seamless consignment and producer-by-producer identification will take the guesswork out of mixed lots.

Automated invoicing – the ultimate virtual back-office

Harness the power of AGEX’s automated sales platform. Get complete trade reporting and invoicing on your custom letterhead.

How does it work?

AGEX Stockyard combines the physical sorting of a traditional sale barn, with the unique identification of AGEX Tags to digitize the costly sales and accounting processes that eat into your bottom line.

Worry-free sorting and lotting

With AGEX Stockyard, making lots from multiple producers is easy. After simply adding animals with the AGEX Herd Pro app, operators are free to sort animals into uniform loads and get them delivered as quickly as possible, knowing that owners will be automatically credited with their contribution to each lot.

Once a trade is complete, your job is done

No back office, no paperwork, no hassle. Once animals are delivered to your buyers, AGEX automatically pays producers in compliance with all state and federal regulations, with prompt and professional reporting.

Consistent, transparent pricing

Get the full power of AGEX Stockyard for $29/month for up to 150 animals, with FREE access for more than 150 animals.

Interested in operating an AGEX Stockyard? Apply to become an operator today!

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