Easily buy, sell, and manage your cattle. All from your phone.

AGEX is the new, stress-free way to market your herd.
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AGEX Solutions

Herd Management

Now you can manage your herd by updating your “digital notebook” on your phone and make sure you’re getting the best value with buyers and sellers across the cattle business.

AGEX Marketplace

Our Marketplace lets you buy and sell your next set of cattle without ever leaving your ranch, with guaranteed payment options available.


We offer quick and simple payment and financing options to help you get access to the capital you need. Contact us for more information and to get started.

AGEX Stockyard™

Maximize your marketing efficiency and reach, while bringing greater transparency for producers, at a fraction of the cost of a live auction.

Who We Are

The AGEX culture is simple: We believe in a firm handshake, look someone in the eye when you speak, and say what you mean.

AGEX is a team of ranchers and tech professionals building a community to help you buy and sell your cattle. We want to use modern tools like phones, apps, and data to better get your cattle to the marketplace. Most importantly, we’re built by cattlemen, for cattlemen. We’re your neighbor and friend — and that means we have your back.

How it Works

Manage Your Herd, Anytime, Anywhere.

The FREE AGEX Herd app is like a “digital notebook” on your mobile phone. Manage your herd by easily updating important information like weight, gender, breed and even photos.

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  • Download the free Agex Herd app on your mobile device.
  • Use AGEX Ear Tags, and/or your own tag/label to add animals.
  • Update key information like weight, gender, breed, and photos.
  • Assign cattle to a group or specific location for quick reference.
  • Manage general data on all your animals and trace cattle.
  • Sync instantly with AGEX Marketplace to maximize cattle value.

Flexible Buying and Selling

AGEX Marketplace gives cattle buyers and sellers more options than ever, whether it’s a cash, private or forward contract transaction.

This new exchange offers cattle buyers quick access to what they need most — good cattle at good prices. Sellers can quickly get access to a nationwide audience around the clock. Take advantage of great opportunities for value add-ons like vaccinations, weaning, and breeding programs by integrating seamlessly with the AGEX Herd app.

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AGEX Capital Solutions

USDA Licensed and Bonded

AGEX is a licensed and bonded USDA livestock Market Agency, and guarantees fast payment to sellers, while offering flexible payment options to buyers.

Financing Available

AGEX also offers livestock-personalized financing for qualified users. Contact us today to learn more and get started with your application.
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AGEX Affiliate Program

Now you can market your cattle on your own schedule, right from your ranch, and reach a much broader audience. Through our AGEX Affiliate Program, you’ll always have a local representative in your community, close by, who understands the market.

Your Independent Affiliate can come to your ranch to discuss prices, availability, and the best time to buy and sell.

All public auctions on the AGEX Marketplace are represented by an Independent Affiliate. Affiliates are what the ranching industry is all about, local folks, and neighbors helping neighbors.

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