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Valuable data starts with reliable ID


Why should I use AGEX Tags ?

At AGEX, we strongly believe in the value of animal data and that any cattle rancher should have the ability to leverage and realize the value of as many of their inputs as possible. In order to realize this value, accurately attributing inputs to individual animals is key as identification styling is rarely uniform from producer to producer. With multiple ways of identifying and animal (UHF, QR scan, visual ID), AGEX Tags take the guesswork out of figuring out which animals are which, even if those animals are sold to another producer. When you sell your cattle with AGEX, all data collected will transfer to the next owner, which allows for better cattle records and traceability. 


What are the benefits of AGEX Tags?

With the ever growing demand for traceability of the US Beef Market, AGEX is committed to staying on the forefront. Our tags, combined with AGEX Herd or AGEX Enterprise, allow producers to keep records of their cattle data, which is stored in the our cloud based system. When you scan and place a tag in a calves ear, your record collection begins. AGEX Herd allows you to store data such as birthing date, vaccinations, weaning, locations, and even pictures. When it’s time to sell, the data you have collected transfers to the next owner and so on until the animal reaches its final destination. **Once the animal arrives at the packer, we are able to receive yielding and grading reports, which are passed along to you. These reports can help you maximize profits and reduce cost of operation, including feeding cost and calving performance.

**This feature is not available currently.


Can I get my own numbers on the tag and where can I find AGEX Tags?

Think about an AGEX Tag like a vin number on a truck. Each tag has a special, non repeatable number associated with it. The 15 digit number on an AGEX Tag is specific to that tag and animal that it is placed on. As long as the animal is alive, the AGEX Tag and number will forever be associated with that animal. This specific number allows for better cattle data collection and traceability. When you sell that animal, the tag stays with that animal and all the data you collected transfers to the next owner.

We DO NOT make custom tags nor can we ship specific numbers. All tags are preprinted with the special 15 digit number as mentioned above. When you place an order, you will receive tags in a continued sequence order. Due to the amount of tags we ship, we cannot promise that you will get specific numbers when you order tags.

Currently, AGEX Tags are only available through our online store. Buy AGEX tags here


How do they work?

AGEX Tags currently come in four colors, and carry a special 15 digit serial number printed on the tag that is accessible through either: the QR code printed on the tag; or UHF chip sealed inside the tag. The last four digits of the ear tag are printed on the tag for easy visual identification and to search for animals in AGEX Herd and AGEX Enterprise.

AGEX Tags are single-use only, and were designed to be quickly added using AGEX Herd or AGEX Enterprise with ZERO additional hardware. Simply select the "Add Animal" feature, scan the QR code on the tag, add your attributes, and save.

AGEX Tags can be applied with any standard two piece ear tagger.


Do I have to re-scan AGEX eartags to update my information?

No. Once a tag is scanned into your account, you may update any animals as needed using the large four digit number.