7 Day Pay

AGEX pays for your cattle purchase today,  pay us back in 7 days

Cattle Financing for Modern Commercial Operations

AGEX 7 Day Pay is available to all livestock operations, from buyers and brokers to sale barns, feedlots, starter yards, packers, and off-takers.

Why 7 Day pay?

Easy Application

Our process is completely paperless.

Get approved in as little as 3 business days.

Better Terms

Get the credit limits  you need to run your business:  $25k-$1mm+

The cattle are the collateral, no other collateral required.

Existing bank lines, not a problem.

secure payment

AGEX is a USDA bonded Market Agency.  

You get more time and flexibility to grow your bottom line.  Every seller gets paid.

Trusted Partner

Buy cattle today, AGEX pays the barn/producer within 24 hours, you pay us in 7 days.

Buyers and sellers have traded over $190 million dollars of livestock on the AGEX Marketplace.