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Buying Cattle? Don't waste your cash, we got you covered, just tell us what you need.

Your financial solution for your cattle business

AGEX does not buy, sell or otherwise broker cattle.

Traders use AGEX to make the most of their trade dollars.

Short-term credit is available for livestock buyers and sellers.

Grow your volume and trade weekly

7, 14 and 45 day terms are available.

Focus on your daily operations. AGEX eliminates the payment risk, by paying the barn or seller directly and collecting from the buyer.

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Now Offering AGEX Livestock Market Agency Clearing
Use our program to grow your business, or pull your money out to use it for other things.

AGEX Livestock Market Agency Clearing was created to clear the barn’s accounts receivable (AR) by wiring the barn’s custodial account the amount needed for each sale day, leaving the barn to pay the sellers directly as they do and have done for hundreds of years, the next day per Packers and Stockyards. Then you pay AGEX back in 7 days. Upon receipt of your payment for the previous week’s auction, including AGEX fees, the cycle will start over for your current week’s auction. There is no disruption to your current process and your customers will be unaware of AGEX’s involvement.

Why AGEX Trade cLEARing?

Easy Application

Our process is completely paperless.

Get approved in as little as 3 business days.

Free to apply.

Better Terms

Get the credit limits you need to run your business: $25k-$1mm+

The cattle are the collateral, no other collateral required.

Does not interfere with existing bank lines.


Buy cattle today, AGEX pays the barn/producer/seller within 24 hours, you pay us per your terms.

P&S Regulated

No more checks, AGEX will wire the seller the payment.


Enter the cattle purchase using our online tool.

Notify the seller of payment with a confirmation code.

Funds will be deposited into the seller's account within 24 hrs.