Know where you stand

Track, manage, share, and transfer your cattle from the palm of your hand.

Improve your planning, feeding, and efficiency.

All for free.

AGEX Herd running on iPhone


100% Free

Herd is free to download and free to use.

There's no catch.

Work from Anywhere

With offline sync, you don’t need a cell signal.  Herd works where you work.

The AGEX web portal gives you a larger screen when you're not in the field.

Save Time

Easier planning, feeding, and record updates give you more time for other work (or play).

Increase Profits

Reduce costs by increasing the efficiency of your operation.



Perfect for lotting.  Animals can only be in one group at a time.


A digital chalk mark.  Each animal can be in as many lists as you like.


Manage pastures and pens with ease.


Keep detailed records like vaccinations and weaning dates.


Herd owners can give temporary access to family, employees, a vet, or anyone else who helps manage their animals.


Transfer valuable animal records (but not your personal information) to buyers.